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We are the creation of our first 4 years of life. I grew up surrounded by nature, looking after animals. I imagined that flowers, trees and ,especially the rain, have their own music. You only realize you’ve been surrounded by music when it stops. I remember when I shared this with my father, in a moment of anger. I told him I was listening the trees. That is when he stopped being angry that I was spending too much time in the garden -- meaningless time -- and he introduced me to Greek Mythology. But it was way too early for me to understand why. Then, I came across Pythagoras’ concept of the music of spheres and the belief that the divine could be known. But all of this came to me as an instinct. I didn’t know what I was looking for, I was just enjoying the exploration. Could it be that the mind of a child was looking for the meaning of life? 

Water inspires me the most. It amazes me how much I enjoy listening to it and being surrounded by it. And how much I enjoy the sense of fear it arouses in me. I love its unpredictability; it can keep a flower alive, but it can also kill it. Watching it from a distance makes you lose touch with its music and your connection to it. But made me question my existence. Admiring the view is just human, but the art is in creating an identity… building up your own beliefs.

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