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I have been thinking about a story to tell you, the story is not to tell but to imagine. It is is already there, in the paintings. I haven’t created art; I have created a language, through times when I didn’t have the words. I did, however, have reds, and blues, and all the bright colours in the world, and they spoke for me. Language is just a tool. 

For years now, I have been thinking about what I would want the audience to see in my work – my story. And every time I told the story, it could never express what I truly meant. What is an artist? I don’t even know. I am, rather, a passenger or a learner. I grew up searching for answers -- thinking that I should be aiming for an ultimate goal which could be met through creation. But, I am in fact constantly searching for answers all the way through the creation process; I just use the visuals to communicate...

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